• on 31/10/2022

The CUHK Health Exhibition “Health InSight” successfully concluded

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (DOVS) has fully supported the Health Exhibition ‶Health InSight″ organised by The Medical Society of The Chinese University of Hong Kong this year.  The 6-day thematic exhibition held on three consecutive weekends from 15 to 30 October 2022 concluded successfully.  More than 10,000 participants visited the exhibition and about 4,000 had free health assessment (e.g. blood pressure measurement, body mass index measurement, eye pressure measurement, refractive errors estimation, dry eye assessments). The Exhibition aimed to educate and raise public awareness of common eye diseases.

Medical students in the Medical Society and DOVS have been fully committed to this year′s exhibition.  Prof Clement CY THAM, Prof Calvin CP PANG, Dr Jason CS YAM, and Dr Poemen PM CHAN acted as academic advisors, offering professional advice and guidance to the exhibition.  Dr Poemen PM CHAN also led several eye examination training sessions for the medical students to be better prepared for the exhibition and provided briefing sessions for the secondary school students to prepare for the Hong Kong Secondary School Health Exhibition Presentation Competition.  The combined efforts of our academic staff of the DOVS (Prof Clement CY THAM, Prof Guy LJ CHEN, Dr Jason CS YAM, Dr Carol YL CHEUNG, Dr CHU Wai Kit, and Dr Poemen PM CHAN) and ophthalmologists  (Dr Simon KH SZETO, Dr Jason CK CHAN, Dr Danny SC NG, Dr Raymond LM WONG, and Dr Vivian WK HUI) have conducted totally 11 health talks during the exhibition to raise public awareness of eye health and eye disease.

The Chairman of the Department, Prof Clement CY THAM, remarked at the Opening Ceremony of the Health Exhibition, ‶We have prepared equipment to provide eye examination services, such as intraocular pressure and refractive error measurements, which allow participants to better understand the condition of their eyes and learn ways to deal with eye diseases.  Through the diverse range of topics covered by the exhibition, the public can acquire relevant medical information and establish healthy lifestyles.  With greater awareness of eye health, participants can adopt precautions to avoid developing eye diseases and treat these diseases at an earlier stage.″

Officiating guests conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony to kick off the Health Exhibition on 15 October 2022. Photo shows professors of our Department in the ceremony (from ninth left: Prof Clement CY THAM, Prof Calvin CP PANG, Dr Jason CS YAM and Dr Poemen PM CHAN).
Prof Clement CY THAM spoke at the Opening Ceremony.
Dr Poemen PM CHAN (first left), Prof Calvin CP PANG (second left), and Dr Jason CS YAM (fourth left) attended the Opening Ceremony on 15 October 2022.
Prof Clement CY THAM conducted a feature talk on ‶Cataract″ on 15 October 2022.
Dr Jason CY YAM presented a feature talk on ‶Children′s common eye diseases and vision health″ on 15 October 2022.
Prof Guy LJ CHEN conducted a feature talk on ‶Macular Diseases″ on 16 October 2022.
Dr CHU Wai Kit presented a feature talk on ‶Ocular inflammation can lead to irreversible blindness″ on 22 October 2022.
Dr Poemen PM CHAN gave an overview of glaucoma on 23 October 2022.
Dr Carol YL CHEUNG presented a feature talk on ‶Artificial intelligence: how it may take care of your health in near future″ on 29 October 2022.
Dr Simon KH SZETO spoke on eye stroke and diabetic retinopathy on 29 October 2022.
Free eye tests (e.g. dry eye questionnaire, eye pressure measurement, and Amsler grid test) were provided at the Health Exhibition.
A medical student estimated the refractive errors of a participant with an autorefractor.
Blood glucose, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index of the participants were assessed at the Health Exhibition.


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The CUHK Health Exhibition “Health InSight” successfully concluded