Message from the Chairman

Prof Clement CY THAM

Our programme aimed to raise the standard of ophthalmic microsurgical training and education in Hong Kong to be amongst the very best in the world. It provided hands-on learning and practicing of ophthalmic microsurgical skills for eye doctors in a safe, simulated environment, without disrupting routine clinical services and risking complications to patients.

At the CUHK, we were proud to offer the best and safest ophthalmic microsurgical training for both basic and advanced eye surgery in Hong Kong. Our training would also be extended to overseas eye doctors in future for Hong Kong to become an internationally-recognized hub for top-notched ophthalmic microsurgical training.


Recent Courses

Course Date Course Name Venue
September 2023 2023 Basic Pterygium Surgery Course Lecture: Telemedicine Centre, Rooms 428-429, 4/F, Hong Kong Eye Hospital Practical Session: Ophthalmic Microsurgical Training Centre (OMTC), 3/F, Hong Kong Eye Hospital
August & September 2023 2023 Trauma Repair Course
August & September 2023 HA KCC & NTEC Extracapsular Cataract Extraction (ECCE) Course
August & September 2023 HA KCC & NTEC Anterior Segment Laser Course
August 2023 HA KCC Posterior Segment Laser Course