The Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the Asia′s leading research universities. In the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, areas of excellence range from clinical, investigative and basic science research. We strive to be a centre of international excellence in clinical and academic ophthalmology to serve the community in Hong Kong and region beyond. Over 60 students have completed their MPhil/PhD programmes in our Department since 1999.

All the potential candidates over the world are welcome to join our big family. You can learn more about us from the sharing and information of our alumni as shown below.

Year of Graduation

YEUNG Kwun Yan (MPhil) (2000) LEUNG Yuk Fai (PHD) (2002)
TONG Man Kit (MPhil) (2002) FAN Baojian (PhD) (2004)
ZHENG Tingting (MPhil) (2004) CHU Kai On (PhD) (2005)
WANG Danyi (PhD) (2006) HO Yi Fong (MPhil) (2007)
LAM Ching Yan (PhD) (2007) LI Haitao (PhD) (2007)
Pancy OS TAM (MPhil) (2007) ZHANG Liyun (PhD) (2007)
Josephine WS LAU (PhD) (2008) CEN Lingping (PhD) (2009)
Sharon KW LEE (PhD) (2009) Jeffrey CF PONG (PhD) (2009)
Yolanda WY YIP (MSc) (2009) Guy LJ CHEN (PhD) (2010)
GONG Bo (PhD) (2010) LIU Huanming (PhD) (2010)
LI Zhiwei (PhD) (2010) Michael TK NG (PhD) (2010)
XU Li (PhD) (2011)
LIANG Xiaoying (PhD) (2012) LIU Shu (PhD) (2012)
Kevin C YE (PhD) (2012) ZHANG Xin (PhD) (2012)
HUANG Li (PhD) (2013) LIU Ke (PhD) (2013)
MAN Xiaofei (PhD) (2013) TENG Yufei (PhD) (2013)
YANG Mingming (PhD) (2013) YANG Yaping (PhD) (2013)
Marco CY YU (PhD) (2013)
QIN Yongjie (PhD) (2014) RONG Shisong (PhD) (2014)
Ellen S TAN (PhD) (2014) XU Guihua (PhD) (2015)
MA Li (PhD) (2016) Heather KY MAK (PhD) (2016)
BISWAS Sayantan (PhD) (2016) ZHANG Xiaoyu (MPhil) (2016)
ZHANG Xiujuan (PhD) (2016)
Malini (MPhil) (2017)
CAO Di (PhD) (2017)
IAO Wai U (PhD) (2017) LI Jian (PhD) (2017)
LIN Chen (PhD) (2017) TANG Shumin (PhD) (2017)
WONG Siu Chong (PhD) (2017) WU Zhongheng (PhD) (2017)
WANG Yumeng (PhD) (2018) YUAN Nan (MPhil) (2018)
ZHENG Feihui (PhD) (2018)
CAO Xu (PhD) (2019) HE Jingna (PhD) (2019)
TANG Fangyao (PhD) (2019) ZHANG Bining (PhD) (2019)
JIANG Yuning (PhD) (2020) LI Fenfen (PhD) (2020)
LU Shiyao (PhD) (2020) RAN Anran (PhD) (2020)
TANG Ziqi (MPhil) (2020) YANG Qichen (PhD) (2020)
REN Tianmin (PhD) (2021) Elaine YY TO (PhD) (2021)
YUAN Nan (PhD) (2021) MAN Tsz Chun (PhD) (2021)
SUN Zihan (PhD) (2021) YAN Huan (MPhil) (2021)
CHAN In Lam (MPhil) (2022) DU Lin (PhD) (2022)
SHEN Ruyue (PhD) (2022) YANG Dawei (PhD) (2022)
ZHANG Yuzhou (PhD) (2022)