Year of graduation: 2010

Supervisors: Prof Calvin Chi Pui PANG

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Research Direction

  • Therapeutic effects of stem cells, small molecules and herbal drugs on different ocular diseases
  • Molecular genetics of different ocular diseases
  • Human adult stem cell properties

Current Affiliations and Positions

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Professor and Laboratory Director, Joint Shantou International Eye Center of Shantou University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shantou, China

Representative Publications

  1. Cen LP,# Ng TK,# Liang JJ, Zhuang X, Yao X, Yam GH, Chen H, Cheung HS, Zhang M, Pang CP. Human periodontal ligament-derived stem cells promote retinal ganglion cell survival and axon regeneration after optic nerve injury. Stem Cells 2018; 36: 844-855.
  2. Yang Y, Xu C, Chen Y, Liang JJ, Xu Y, Chen SL, Huang S, Yang Q, Cen LP, Pang CP, Sun XH,* Ng TK.* Green tea extract ameliorates ischemia-induced retinal ganglion cell degeneration in rats. Oxid Med Cell Longev 2019; 2019: 8407206.
  3. Tan S, Ng TK,* Xu Q, Yang M, Zhuang Y, Zhao J, Zhou H, Teng D, Wei S.* Vision improvement in severe acute isolated optic neuritis after plasma exchange treatment in Chinese population: a prospective case series study. Ther Adv Neurol Disord 2020; 13:1756286420947977.
  4. Ng TK,# Yang Q,# Fortino VR, Lai NY, Carballosa CM, Greenberg JM, Choy KW, Pelaez D, Pang CP, Cheung HS. MicroRNA-132 directs human periodontal ligament-derived neural crest stem cell neural differentiation. J Tissue Eng Regen Med 2019; 13:12-24.
  5. Liu J, Zhang R, Sun L, Zheng Y, Chen S, Chen SL, Xu Y, Pang CP, Zhang M,* Ng TK.* Genotype-phenotype correlation and interaction of 4q25, 15q14 and MIPEP variants with myopia in southern Chinese population. Brit J Ophthalmol 2019:bjophthalmol-2019-314782.
  6. Wu Z, Huang C, Xu C, Xie L, Liang JJ, Liu L, Pang CP, Ng TK,* Zhang M.* Caveolin-1 regulates human trabecular meshwork cell adhesion, endocytosis and autophagy. J Cell Biochem 2019; 120:13382-13391.
  7. Ng TK, Liang XY, Lu F, Liu DT, Yam GH, Ma L, Tam PO, Chen H, Cen LP, Chen LJ, Yang Z, Pang CP. Protective effects of an HTRA1 insertion-deletion variant against age-related macular degeneration in Chinese populations. Lab Invest 2017; 97:43-52.
  8. Ng TK, Yung JS, Choy KW, Cao D, Leung CK, Cheung HS, Pang CP. Transdifferentiation of periodontal ligament-derived stem cells into retinal ganglion-like cells and its microRNA signature. Sci Rep 2015; 5:16429.
  9. Ng TK,# Carballosa CM,# Pelaez D, Wong HK, Choy KW, Pang CP, Cheung HS. Nicotine alters microRNA expression and hinders human adult stem cell regenerative potential. Stem Cells Dev 2013; 22:781-790.
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