To enhance scientific research and academic scholarship, our department has organized biweekly departmental lectures/ seminars. Our faculty members, scientific officers, research associates, and postdoctoral fellows, as well as guest speakers from Hong Kong, Joint Shantou International Eye Center (JSIEC), mainland China, and all around the world, will be invited to give lectures and share their work with us.

Topics will include COVID-19, genetics, genomics, microbiota, stem cells, AI, imaging, virtual vision, robotics, statistics, herbal molecules, eye diseases, children eye diseases, surgical advancements, and novel therapeutics.

There will be 2-3 lectures/ seminars per session, usually on Friday during 18:00-19:30.

Dr Guy LJ CHEN (convener) and Dr CHU Wai Kit (co-convener)

Previous DOVS Department Lectures & Seminars

Date : 19 November 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Marten E BRELEN (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Developing a novel portable ERG recording platform

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr HUANG Yuqiang  (JSIEC)

Topic: Seasonal variations and climatic factors on acute primary angle closure admission: the JSIEC study and experience

Date : 5 November 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor Micheal NG (JSIEC)

Topic: Ophthalmic Genetic Studies in JESIC

Date : 17 September 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Poeman PM CHAN (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Coming up with research ideas during customary clinical practice

Date : 3 September 2021

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr HUANG Zijing  (JSIEC)

Topic: VEGF-independent targets and mechanisms for ischemic retinopathy

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr QIU Kunliang (JSIEC)

Topic: Patterns and temporal trends of childhood myopia progression

Date : 20 August 2021

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr TANG Fangyao (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Retinal Disease

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Danny SC NG (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Retina and CSCR

Date : 6 August 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor Micheal TK NG (JSIEC)

Topic: Stem cell and molecular treatments for retinal ganglion cell protection

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr ZHANG Riping (JSIEC)

Topic: Comparative study on myopia surgery

Date : 23 July 2021

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr LU Shiyao (Guangzhou First People Hospital)

Topic: Eye genetics

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Kelvin KL CHONG (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Thyroid eye disease – 2021 updates

Date : 9 July 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Kelvin HN WAN (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Overview of Clinical Eye Research on COVID-19

DOVS Seminar

Speaker : Dr Ruby CHAN (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Ocular Microbiome

Date : 18 June 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor CHEN Haoyu (JSIEC)

Topic: Impact of Intraocular Foreign Body on the Retina

Speaker : Dr LP CEN (JSIEC)

Topic: Artificial Intelligence for Retinal Disease Detection

Speaker : Dr QIU Kunliang  (JSIEC)

Topic: Patterns and Temporal Trends of Childhood Myopia Progression

Date : 4 June 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr Patrick IP (LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU), Dr Gilbert T CHUA (LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU)

Topic: From Panic to Success: Insight form the Children’s COVID-19 Consortium

Speaker : Dr ZHANG Youjuan  (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Association of Breastfeeding and Children Ocular Health

Date : 21 May 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor ZHAO Hui (School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK)

Topic: Function of Zinc Finger SWIM-Type Containing 4 (Zswim4) during Early Embryonic Development

Speaker : Dr HE Jingna  (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Research Update

Date : 7 May 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Dr CHU Wai Kit  (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Genome Editing in Eye Diseases

Date : 23 Apr 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Prof XIE Ting (Division of Life Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Topic: Niche Concept: from Stem Cells to Eye Diseases

Date : 9 Apr 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor YANG Zhenglin (The Key Laboratory for Human Disease Gene Study of Sichuan Province and Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China)

Topic: How to Identify and Characterize Eye Disease Genes

Date : 1 Apr 2021

Speaker : Dr ZHANG Qinrong (Departments of Physics and Molecular & Cell Biology, Li Ka Shing Center, University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Topic: Adaptive Optical Microscopy for Bio-imaging

Date : 30 Mar 2021

DOVS Lecture

Speaker : Professor Rachel R. CASPI(Laboratory of Immunology, Immunoregulation Section, National Eye Institute, NIH, USA)

Topic: Microbiota and the Eye: The Good and the Bad 

Speaker : Dr CHONG Wai Po  (Laboratory of Immunology, State-Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University, China)

Topic: Regulating Autoreactive T cells in Ocular Inflammation

Date : 19 Mar 2021

Speaker: Dr Heather MAK (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Research Update

Speaker: Dr RAN Anran (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Research Update

Date : 19 Feb 2021

Speaker : Dr Alex LAM (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Virtual Reality in Ophthalmology

Speaker : Ms Elaine TO (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Research Update

Date : 5 Feb 2021

Speaker : Dr Jason CS YAM (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Risk Factors and Prevention of Myopia

Speaker : Dr ZHANG Xiujuan (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Research Update

Date : 22 Jan 2021

Speaker : Dr Carol YL CHEUNG (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Deep Learning Based Ocular Image Analysis for Supporting Eye Disease Screening and Triage: Where Are We Now?

Speaker : Dr THAM Yih Chung (Ocular Epidemiology Research Group, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore National Eye Centre, Assistant Professor, Eye ACP, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore)

Topic: Screening and Referral for Disease-related Visual Impairment using Retinal Photograph-based Deep Learning

Date : 15 Jan 2021

Speaker : Prof Calvin CP Pang (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: Prevention and Treatment of Impaired Vision in the Coming Decade

Speaker : Prof Christopher KS LEUNG (DOVS, CUHK)

Topic: The Changing Landscape of Diagnostic Standards for Glaucoma – Before and Beyond 2020