Year of graduation: 2016

Supervisor: Prof Christopher Kai Shun LEUNG

Research at DOVS helped to build and propel my career to whatever I am today. Starting from learning scientific details, to planning a research study, statistical analysis, presentations skills, everything I owe to DOVS, CUHK. DOVS is best at keeping everybody abreast with current international research and I had a fantastic experience with a wide range of speakers visiting us every month with presentations, generating more research ideas and core concepts. Especially I am thankful to my mentor Prof Christopher Leung who constantly reminded me and kept me aware about the future and my ultimate aim. Also, he gave me the the wonderful opportunity to work in a variety of research areas which included basic research, clinical and experimental glaucoma. This expanded the horizon and my capabilities and prepared me to achieve my career goals. The constant support I received from Prof Calvin Pang, Prof Clement Tham and others were also immense. After I left DOVS only I realized what I am losing out on and wish I had learnt more from you when I was there. Thank you DOVS!

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Research Direction

  • Myopia experimental and clinical research

Current Affiliations and Positions

  • Post-Doctoral research fellow, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore

Representative Publications

  1. Chan KC, Yu Y, Biswas S, Leung CK. Intracameral injection of a chemically cross-linked hydrogel to study chronic neurodegeneration in glaucoma. Acta Biomaterialia. 2019; 94:219-231.
  2. Biswas S, Lin C, Leung CK. Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Imaging in Myopia: Evaluation of a Myopic Normative Database for RNFL Thickness Analysis. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2016; 134(9):1032-1039.
  3. Biswas S, Jhanji V, Leung CK. Prevalence of Glaucoma in Myopic Corneal Refractive Surgery Candidates in Hong Kong China. J Refract Surg. 2016; 32(5):298-304.
  4. Biswas S, Wan KH. Review of Rodent Hypertensive Glaucoma Models. Acta Ophthalmologica. 2019; 97(3):e331-e340.
  5. Chan T, Biswas S, Yu M, Jhanji V. Comparison of corneal measurements in keratoconus using swept-source optical coherence tomography and combined Placido-Scheimpflug Imaging. Acta Ophthalmologica. 2017; 95(6):e486-e494.
  6. Henrich-Noack P, Sergeeva EG, Eber T, Biswas S, Sabel BA, Leung CK. Electrical brain stimulation induces dendritic stripping but improves survival of silent neurons after optic nerve damage. Scientific Reports. 2017; 7(1):627.
  7. Jose J, Biswas S, Ramesh S Ve. Agreement and repeatability of Icare ice100 tonometer. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2020; 68(10):2122-5.