Academic exchange has always been one of the major activities of our Department since its establishment. Distinguished international scholars from around the globe are regularly invited to visit our Department and deliver lectures to share their expertise and cutting-edge research findings. Students and staff enjoy the opportunities to learn from the renowned scholars in different aspects of ophthalmology and visual sciences, in order to broaden their horizon by having in-depth discussion with the guest speakers, as well as coming up with new collaborative research projects.

List of Our invited speakers

*Arranged according alphabetical order of speaker’s surname 

Professor Keith BARTON7-Apr-22The Evolution of Tube Surgery

Name of speaker Date  Topic
Professor Paul N. BAIRD 23-Sep-21 Genetic risk, therapies and their future directions in eye disease
Professor Keith BARTON 7-Apr-22 The Evolution of Tube Surgery
Professor David F. CHANG 19-Aug-21 Five Compelling Lessons from the Greatest Team of Cataract Surgeons
Professor Gemmy CM CHEUNG 22-Jul-21 Translational Asian AMD program- a multidisciplinary platform for collaborative research in AMD
Professor Jay CHHABLANI 18-Nov-21 New insights on CSCR diagnosis, classification and management
Professor Graham E. HOLDER 28-Oct-21 The Essentials of Clinical Electrophysiology – what every ophthalmologist should know
Professor Masaru INATANI 30-Dec-21 Treatment Strategies for neovascular glaucoma in the new era
Professor Susumu ISHIDA 13-Jan-22 Abnormal choroidal circulation in diseases
Professor LIAO SL 21-Apr-22 How can I Survive My Disastrous Cases?
Dr Laskhmi MAHESH 17-Feb-22 Orbit and Oculoplastic conditions: Looking back and the journey ahead   What is best? What are the new frontiers?
Professor Jod S MEHTA 27-Jan-22 Changing Indication for DMEK in Clinical Practice
Professor Kyoko OHNO-MATSUI 10-Jun-21 Posterior Staphyloma in Pathologic Myopia
Professor SA Ho-Seok 26-Aug-21 Updates on Orbital Surgeries
Dr Mahesh P. SHANMUGAM 04-Nov-21 Thinking out of the box Surgical situations and solutions in vitreoretinal surgery
Dr Toru SUZUKI 26-Aug-21 Use of Cone Beam CT in Epiphora Examination
Name of speaker Date  Topic
Professor Rachel R. CASPI 30-Mar-21 Microbiota and the Eye: The Good and the Bad
Dr LP CEN 18-Jun-21 Artificial Intelligence for Retinal Disease Detection
Professor CHEN Haoyu 18-Jun-21 Impact of Intraocular Foreign Body on the Retina
Dr HUANG Yuqiang 19-Nov-21 Seasonal variations and climatic factors on acute primary angle closure admission: the JSIEC study and experience
Dr HUANG Zijing 03-Sep-21 VEGF-independent targets and mechanisms for ischemic retinopathy
Dr LU Shiyao 23-Jul-21 Eye genetics
Professor Michael TK NG 06-Aug-21 Stem cell and molecular treatments for retinal ganglion cell protection
05-Nov-21 Ophthalmic Genetic Studies in JSIEC
Dr QIU Kunliang 18-Jun-21 Patterns and Temporal Trends of Childhood Myopia Progression
03-Sep-21 Patterns and temporal trends of childhood myopia progression
Dr XIE Ting 23-Apr-21 Niche Concept: from Stem Cells to Eye Diseases
Professor YANG Zhenglin 09-Apr-21 How to Identify and Characterize Eye Disease Genes
Dr ZHANG Riping 06-Aug-21 Comparative study on myopia surgery
Professor ZHAO Hui 21-May-21 Function of Zinc Finger SWIM-Type Containing 4 (Zswim4) during Early Embryonic Development
Name of speaker Date  Topic
Professor Srinivas K RAO 6-May-21 Ocular Surface Staining
Name of speaker Date Topic
CHEN Wen (JSIEC) 12-Nov-21 Whole genome sequencing Microbiome investigations
DENG Fang (JSIEC) 26-Feb-21 Circular Noncoding RNA Exome wide evaluation
GUO Chengyao (JSIEC) 26-Nov-20 Myopia genetics
29-Oct-21 Myopia and children eye study
GUO Jinming (JSIEC) 30-Jul-21 Retina clinical study
HE Junren (JSIEC) 12-Mar-21 Clinical and research challenges of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and dry eye disease (DED)
HU Zhanchi (JSIEC) 22-Oct-20 Microglia-organized scar-free spinal cord repair in neonatal mice
JING Liu (JSIEC) 15-Oct-21 Glaucoma Imaging
LI Yongran (JSIEC) 11-Jun-21 TAO study and biomarkers Thyroid eye disease update
LI Yuancun (JSIEC) 16-Jul-21 COVID-19 studies
LING Fangyi (JSIEC) 16-Apr-21 Retinal clinical studies
LIU Lifang (JSIEC) 14-May-21 Diabetic retinopathy
LV Clark Laiwen (JSIEC) 29-Oct-20 Community research and Caring is Hip Project
17-Dec-20 Community research and Caring is Hip Project
28-May-21 Community research
OU Yunxuan (JSIEC) 24-Sep-21 Clinical study on Refractive surgeries
TIAN Lin (JSIEC) 03-Dec-20 Retina imaging
WANG Hongxi (JSIEC) 10-Dec-21 Glaucoma study
WANG Ji (JSIEC) 21-Jan-21 Artificial intelligence and Glaucoma
WANG Zhenmao (JSIEC) 27-Aug-21 Retina studies Electrophysiology
XIAO Zixuan (JSIEC) 26-Mar-21 Retinal imaging and oximetry
YANG Rucui (JSIEC) 26-Nov-21 Cell biology and retinoblastoma
YAO Shiqi (JSIEC) 02-Jul-21 Artificial intelligence
YAO yao (JSIEC) 13-Aug-21 Cell biology in glaucoma Autophagy
YUAN Xiangling (JSIEC) 07-Jan-21 Genetics
ZHENG Ke (JSIEC) 25-Jun-21 Glaucoma
ZHOU Youming (JSIEC) 30-Apr-21 Myopia: children and adolescents study
ZHUANG Suoqing (JSIEC) 12-Nov-20 Myopia
Event  Name of speaker Date  Topic
ZOOM seminar about LASEC Professor John RUDD (Director of CUHK Laboratory Animal Services Centre) 19-Nov-20 Lab Orientation: Animal