Orbital & Oculoplastic Surgery Fellowship Programme

CUHK-HKEH-PWH International Ophthalmology Fellowship
Orbital & Oculoplastic Surgery

Orbital & Oculoplastic Surgery Programme Director:

Dr KL Yuen

Dr KL Yuen

Clinical Associate Professor (Honorary), CUHK
Consultant, HKEH


Dr Kelvin KL Chong

Dr Kelvin KL Chong

Assistant Professor, CUHK

Dr Andy CO Cheng

Dr Andy CO Cheng

Clinical Assistant Professor (Honorary), CUHK
Associate Consultant, HKEH


The Orbital & Oculoplastic (OOP) Surgery Service of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences operates at both the Hong Kong Eye Hospital and the Prince of Wales Hospital, the teaching hospitals of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We serve the populations living in Kowloon and the eastern region of the New Territories in Hong Kong, and are well attended by over 150 patients each week
OOP Fellows of the CUHK-HKEH Joint International Ophthalmology Fellowship Programme will actively participate in all clinical services and we will provide in-depth study and comprehensive training in Oculoplastic and Orbital diseases. During the Fellowship, each Fellow are encourage to participate in various research projects. At the conclusion of the Fellowship, each Fellow should be confident in the diagnosis and treatment of common eyelid, lacrimal and orbital diseases.

Training Functions

  • Hong Kong Eye Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital
  • At least 1 OOP Operating List per week at HKEH (Some of the operative sessions will take place at QEH)
  • At least 1 OOP Operating List per week at PWH
  • Operative sessions with other specialties (ENT, Plastic surgery, Maxillofacial surgery, Neurosurgery) at QEH or PWH
  • Grand Round – OOP teaching, case presentation, topic discussion, journal club
  • X ray meetings, combined Head and Neck Tumor Conference at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Pathology teaching at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Surgical Procedures at Hong Kong Eye Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital

  • Eyelid surgeries including entropion and ectropion correction, various types of ptosis surgeries, blepharoplasties…etc.
  • Eyelid tumor biopsy and resection techniques.
  • Eyelid reconstruction techniques with the use of various flaps and grafts.
  • Lacrimal surgeries including syringing and probing, external or endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, balloon dacryoplasty, Jones tube insertion…etc.
  • Socket surgeries including evisceration, enucleation, exenteration, orbital implant placement, socket reconstruction…etc.
  • Orbital Surgeries including anterior, medial, lateral, inferior orbitotmoies, orbital decompression..etc
  • Others (Repair of orbital fractures, repair of eyelid injuries, botox injection, nasal endoscopy)

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