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Dr Kelvin Chong and his multidisciplinary team of “Thyroid Eye Clinic” was awarded the “NTEC outstanding team”

On 14/ 05/2020, our Associate Professor, Dr Kelvin Chong and his multidisciplinary team of “Thyroid Eye Clinic” was awarded the “Outstanding Team” at the New Territories East Cluster.

Dr Chong shares: “It is my privilege to work with a team of Professors, doctors, very talented nurses, orthoptist and research staff for the past ten years since the set up of Thyroid Eye Clinic at New Territories East Cluster. May I take this opportunity to introduce and thank them in groups >

OVS Oculoplastic Team: Dr Li Chi Lai, Dr Regine Chan, Dr Joyce Chin, Dr Karen Chan

OVS Glaucoma Team: Dr Noel Chan, Dr Nikki Far, Dr Felix Li

OVS Strabismus Team: Dr Wilson Yip, Dr Henry Lau, Dr Julie Lok

CLO: The late Dr SF Leung, Dr Kenneth Wong

DIIR: Prof Winnie Chu, Prof Ann King, Dr Eunice Dai, Dr Yolanda Lee

M&T Endocrinology Team: Prof Alice Kong, Dr Kitty Cheung


OVS : Ms Angelina Tong, Ms Yin Ling Wong, Ms Cheung Wing Yu, Mr Cheng Kwok Chung, Ms YY Lee, Ms Desmond Hung,

AHNH Operating Suite: Ms Leung Samki, Ms Kwan SY, Ms Chan HC

CUHKEC: Ms Fanny Chan, Ms Mandy Ng

Orthoptist: Ms Tamsin Tam

Research Team at CUHK : Ms Angela Ho, Ms Yolanda Yip, Dr Tiara Iao, Dr Janice Wong, Dr Wai-kit Chu, and Prof CP Pang

Thanks also given to Prof Hunter Yuen and Dr George Cheng, my peers and seniors in oculoplastic. Last but not the least, my gratitude to Prof Robert A Goldberg, my mentor from UCLA Stein Eye Institute who has and continued to show me his passion and insight in this disabling disorder!. ”

Background of the Clinic :

The Thyroid Eye Clinic at New Territories East Cluster (TEC@NTEC) is the first dedicated medical service in Hong Kong pertaining to patients with thyroid eye disease (TED)/ thyroid associated orbitopathy (TAO), the commonest orbital disease in adult worldwide. The team provides collaborating, dedicated, extended and forward-looking patient care, support staff development at all levels and integrates expertise of subspecialties within and specialties beyond ophthalmology. It has managed close to 1000 TED patients since its inception in fall 2010. The team has trained local and international oculoplastic surgeons and has been regularly visited by local non-ophthalmology physicians, ophthalmology trainees, interns and medical students.

TEC@NTEC pioneers in Hong Kong, the use of multiparametric MRI-guided, combinational immunosuppressive therapies for progressive diplopia and dysthyroid optic neuropathy, personalized surgical rehabilitation integrating state-of-the-art technologies including endoscopic navigation, 3-D viewing technologies (heads-up) in orbital decompression. It offers same-day multi-subspecialty follow-up, accepts fast-tract referral from all departments in NTEC, arranges expedited radiology and oncology services and has handled refractory TED patients from all Hospital Authority clusters, territory-wide private sectors as well as the nearby Greater Bay region.

TEC@NTEC has seamless collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong Eye Centre in therapeutic, technical, technological and translational research in TED. Our overall experience of TEC@NTEC has been summarized and published in the Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology (HKJO) in 2017. As of today, the article has received the highest number of reads and downloads from HKJO in the past few years.

Our research supports safe and cost-saving wash-out of topical antiglaucomatous, use of multiparametric MRI for image-guided immunosuppressive in progressive disease, identifies dry eye and diplopia as the most common and disturbing components of the disease including quality-of-life assessment and confirms the benefits of personalized surgical rehabilitation approach. Harnessing the experience of developing multi-disciplinary team for TED, the team leader has recently been invited to direct the Chinese University of Hong Kong- Shantou University multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for TED, and to co-direct the Beijing-Hong Kong TED multi-centre work group.


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Dr Kelvin Chong and his multidisciplinary team of “Thyroid Eye Clinic” was awarded the “NTEC outstanding team”