• on 26/10/2022

Congratulations to Awardees of David Sung Memorial Scholarship in Ophthalmology 2022

We are pleased to announce that our postgraduate students Mr ZHOU Linbin and Ms TANG Ziqi have been awarded the ‶Scientific Scholar 2022″ and the ‶Certificate of Merit″ under the David Sung Memorial Scholarship in Ophthalmology (Scientific Scholarship) 2022, respectively.

The David Sung Memorial Scholarship in Ophthalmology (Scientific Scholarship) was established by Professor Joseph JY SUNG and his family in memory of Prof Sungs beloved father, the late Mr David SUNG, to recognize the excellent research achievements of PhD students in the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences.

The criteria used in selecting the scholarship winners include the evidence of research excellence in science (clinical and basic) from 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022, and the candidate′s potential to become an outstanding scientist.  After full assessment of the track records of the research performance and the oral presentation by the three finalists on 22nd October 2022, the Selection Committee, comprising Dr Rebecca WONG, Prof Clement CY THAM and Prof Guy LJ CHEN, has recommended awarding Mr ZHOU Linbin the ‶Scientific Scholar 2022″ and Ms TANG Ziqi the ‶Certificate of Merit″.

Members of the Selection Committee received the oral presentation by the three finalists on 22nd October 2022. Photo shows (from left) Mr ZHOU Linbin, Prof Clement CY THAM, Dr Rebecca WONG, Prof Guy LJ CHEN, Ms TANG Ziqi and Mr LING Xiangtian.

Mr ZHOU Linbin, recipient of the ‶Scientific Scholar 2022″, said ‶Many thanks to all Professors and colleagues in our DOVS Big Family. In particular, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof Tham and Prof Pang for providing such a wonderful research platform for our studies, and to my supervisors, Dr CHU Wai Kit and Dr Danny SC NG, and all the supportive team members for their kind help and support. All my research outputs and the achievements are teamwork. This award, therefore, belongs to everyone in the team. Also, I highly appreciate the opportunity to receive invaluable guidance from both biologist Dr Chu and retina specialist Dr ‍Ng, as well as the support and help from our smart, assiduous and supportive team members.″

Mr ZHOU Linbin, the recipient of the ‶Scientific Scholar 2022″

Ms TANG Ziqi, recipient of the ‶Certificate of Merit″, said ‶Many thanks to all Professors, colleagues, and administrators in the DOVS. Particularly, my gratitude goes foremost to Prof Tham, Prof Pang, and Prof Chen for providing every amazing and wonderful chance for all of us.  My whole-hearted gratefulness goes to my supervisor Dr Carol YL CHEUNG for her endless support, umpteen encouragement, and invaluable guidance in my projects and studies over the last few years, and the year to come.  I wish to express my thankfulness to my team members Dr Emma RAN, Dr Gabriel YANG, Mr Truong NGUYEN, Ms ZHANG Shuyi, and Mr HU Xiaoyan for their valuable suggestions.  I would like to express my gratefulness to Ms Annie LING, Ms Haley MAK, Mr Kaiser SHAM, Ms DAI Jiajia, Ms Sandy TSANG, and Mr Trevor LAU for their tremendous help.″

Ms TANG Ziqi, the recipient of the ‶Certificate of Merit″


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Congratulations to Awardees of David Sung Memorial Scholarship in Ophthalmology 2022