• on 20/02/2017

Collaboration between CUHK Ophthalmology and Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) to launch Hong Kong Retinoblastoma Awareness Campaign

We are honored to obtain the generous support of $407,281 HKD from CCF for the citywide Campaign in 2017 – 2018.  We aim to substantiate the awareness of symptoms of Retinoblastoma, the most common children eye cancer, among parents of young kids; and to promote its early detection by flash photography. Educational videos and pamphlets will be widely broadcasted and distributed. Large-scale medical symposiums and public lectures on the field will be held.

First Row: Ms. Keynes Wong, Ms. Christa, Ms. Selas Tang, Mr. Roy Ng, Dr. HL Yuen, Dr. Madeline Kwok, Ms. Story
Second Row: Dr. Jason Yam, Dr. Emily Wong, Dr. Joyce Chan, Dr. Carol Lam, Ms. Michelle Leung, Dr. Winnie Lau

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