Dr NG Siu Chun Danny

Assistant Professor / CUHK DOVS

1) Learn accepted names of essential ophthalmic microsurgical instruments
2) Demonstrate ability to drive operating microscope
3) Demonstrate ability to place suture under operating microscope
4) Intraocular micro-forceps handling and bimanual training in virtual reality simulation platform
5) Learn the principles of ruptured globe repair

Who should apply
First Year Ophthalmology Resident Trainees of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Only
Course Date
7/ 07/ 2018 (Sat)
1000 – 1700
CUHK Eye Centre,
3/F, Hong Kong Eye Hospital
Course Fee
Free of charge
07/ 07/ 2018 (Sat)
1000 – 1300

Lecture :
1) Surgical microscope and basic setup
2) Suture materials
3) Basic suturing of conjunctiva, sclera and cornea

Practical :
1) Use of microscope and suturing skills board
2) Intraocular maneuvers in Eyesi virtual reality simulator

3/F, CUHK Eye Centre
Hong Kong Eye Hospital

Dr. Kendrick Shih (Lecture 1) /
Dr. Joy Leung (Lecture 2) /
Dr. Raymond Wong(Lecture 3)

Dr. Aziz Kam (Practical 1)/
Dr. Danny Ng (Practical 2)/
Dr. John Yeung (Practical 2)

7/ 07/ 2018 (Sat)
1400 – 1700

Lecture :
4) Surgical instruments, Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices Instruments and Intraocular lenses
5) Principles of ruptured globe repair

Practical :
3) Ruptured globe repair on pig eyes

3/F, CUHK Eye Centre
Hong Kong Eye Hospital

Dr. Leonard Yuen (Lecture 4)/
Dr. Marcus Marcet (Lecture 5)

Dr. Alvin Au (Practical 3) /
Dr. Aziz Kam (Practical 3) /
Dr. Danny Ng(Practical 3)

Upon satisfactory participation and assessment (see above), a course certificate will be awarded. We will print out your logged practice time for your training record.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Asa Chong (Programme Manager) at (852) 3943 5850 or asachong@cuhk.edu.hk

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