Cataract Fellowship Programme

CUHK-HKEH-PWH International Ophthalmology Fellowship

Cataract Programme Director

Dr Ben NM Lam

Dr Ben NM Lam

Clinical Associate Professor (Honorary), CUHK
Deputy Hospital Chief Executive, HKEH


Dr Alvin L Young

Dr Alvin L Young

Chief of Service, DOVS, PWH and AHNH
Cluster Coordinator (Ophthalmology), New Territories East Cluster

Dr Victoria WY Wong

Dr Victoria WY Wong

Clinical Assistant Professor (Honorary), CUHK
Associate Consultant, HKEH

Dr Vishal JHANJI

Dr Vishal JHANJI

Associate Professor


The Cataract Surgery Service of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences operates through the General Ophthalmology Services based at the Hong Kong Eye Hospital and the Prince of Wales Hospital. Our general ophthalmology clinics serve the populations living in Kowloon and the eastern region of the New Territories in Hong Kong.
The goal of the fellowship is to train fellows in expanding their knowledge of cataract and anterior segment surgery and related patient care. The Cataract Fellowship of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is a one-year clinical programme which includes excellent exposure to General Ophthalmology, Intraocular Lens Microsurgery-ECCE with IOL, Manual Small Incision, Sutureless Cataract Surgery and Phacoemulsification. The fellow is expected to develop surgical skills and clinical judgment in an environment devoted to excellence in patient care. The fellow will also have an opportunity to teach and work with residents and medical students.

Programme Objectives

  • To train the fellow with the use of sophisticated equipment such as keratometer, A-scan biometry, 3-mirror lens, and YAG laser machine.
  • To familiarize the fellow with the surgical management of various difficult situations like subluxated lens, iris – lens coloboma with cataract, secondary IOL surgery including scleral fixation.
  • To make them aware of the latest developments in the field of cataract and refractive surgeries.
  • At the completion of the fellowship the candidate is expected to conduct oneself in the role of an expert in cataract surgery.

Patient Evaluation

The fellow will have exposure to a variety of patients ranging from simple cataracts to challenging cases. Instructive cases will be discussed in special Teaching Clinics. During the fellowship each fellow is exposed to 7 operating sessions per month, including his/her own list, based on the applicant’s experience. The fellow can expect training in pre-operative assessment, pre- and post-operative care in cataract surgery, innovative surgical techniques in cataract surgery techniques, and premium intra-ocular lens techniques. The fellow is expected to be involved in the teaching of training registrars through tutorials, in the outpatients and theatre.

Research and Publication

A motivated fellow will have the opportunity and is expected to write several articles during the fellowship year. Clinical and basic science research projects are available in the Department. The fellow will be required to develop interest as well as participate in research projects in conjunction with the supervisor. He/she should aim to be the Principal Investigator of at least 1 cataract research project at CUHK. At the conclusion of the Fellowship, each Fellow is expected to have at least 1 publication as first author arising from research done during his / her CUHK Fellowship.

Clinical Attachment for Cataract

  • Up to 4 General Ophthalmology Clinics per week at Hong Kong Eye Hospital and/or Prince of Wales Hospital
  • At least 2 Cataract operating lists per week

Major Recent Publications:

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Basic Sciences Studies/Projects on Cataract

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