• on 14/02/2017

Dr. Shameema Sikder’s Surgical Education Seminar

Dr. Shameema Sikder, MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Director, Center of Excellence for Ophthalmic Surgical Education and Training, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA, visited us and gave a lecture on “Advancing Technology in Modern Ophthalmic Surgical Education” on 14th February, 2017.  Dr. Sikder spoke on the ability of implementing technological advancements in ophthalmic microsurgical education as well as the learning experiences of the ophthalmology residents at Wilmer Eye Institute in simulation laboratory and in the operating theatre.  We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate in education and research.

Front row, from left to right: Dr. Marten Brelen, Prof. Calvin Pang, Dr. Shameema Sikder, Dr. Danny Ng, Dr. Carol Cheung

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