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CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme Award Ceremony 2021

CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme (the Programme) Award Ceremony 2021 was held on 16th October, 2021 at the 10/F Auditorium, CUHK Medical Centre. We are greatly honoured to have Professor Sophia Chan (Secretary for Food and Health, HKSAR) as our Guest of Honour, along with Ms Imelda Chan (Head of Charities (Special Projects), Hong Kong Jockey Club), Dr Tony Ko Pat Sing (Chief Executive, Hospital Authority, HKSAR), Professor Alan Chan (Provost, CUHK), Professor Simon Ng (Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of Medicine, CUHK), Dr Hong Fung (Chief Executive Officer, CUHK Medical Centre), Dr Thomas Chung (Consultant Community Medicine (Family and Student Health), Department of Health, HKSAR), Dr Jenny Lam (Hospital Chief Executive, Kowloon Hospital and Hong Kong Eye Hospital), Professor Ben Lam (Chairman, Coordinating Committee (Ophthalmology)), Professor Alvin Young (Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Professional Development & External Relations), Prince of Wales Hospital), Dr Emily Yeung (Vice-President, Hong Kong College of Ophthalmologists), Dr Wilson Yip (Chief Of Service, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Prince of Wales Hospital and Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital), Dr Simon Ko (Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital), as our Officiating Guests. Professor Clement Tham (Chairman, Programme Board of Directors), Professor Calvin Pang (Vice-Chairman, Programme Board of Directors), and Dr Jason Yam (Director of the Programme) also participated in the officiating. Ms Mandy Ng (Programme Associate Director) was hostess of the event.

Over 300 guests including ophthalmologists, directors and representatives of NGOs, school principals and teachers, medical students, nursing students, secondary school students, community partners and voluntary workers have joined the ceremony.

“We are immensely grateful to the tremendous support and generous donation of 44 million HKD from Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and we work closely together to implement CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme 2018 to 2021.” Opening Remarks by Professor Clement Tham.

“Every child should have the basic right to see the world clearly, regardless of their family background and ethnicity. We strive to protect the vision of our young generations.” exemplified by Dr Jason Yam.

We are thankful and feel greatly privileged that in the past four years and over more than 300 weekends, we have provided free & comprehensive eye service to more than 25,000 children and their families; prescribed 3,000 pairs of free glasses to children in need. We have organised more than 300 children eye care education workshops to over 30,000 parents, 2,000 teachers, and 600 social workers. We have conducted about 1,000 outreach visits to families, primary schools and NGOs. We have also conducted two public education campaigns, CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme Fun Day, in a shopping mall in Ma On Shan in year 2019 and 2021.

We are deeply grateful to the dedications of our eye care ambassadors including more than 100 eye doctors from the public and private sectors, 20 nurses and optometrists, 500 medical students and nursing students, 2,200 secondary school students, and 600 volunteer workers. The participations of 40 partner NGOs and 45 partner secondary schools have also contributed enormously to the Programme.

A large amount of data on children concerning eye care has been collected. Important and new information on ophthalmic conditions and relationships to lifestyle of children and their parents have been revealed that contribute immensely to eye care. We identify the adverse effect on children’s eye features by passive smoking and genetic factors for myopia. We are the world’s leading group to advocate early intervention for childhood myopia control by retarding myopia progression in the Low-Concentration Atropine for Myopia Progression (LAMP) Study. We contribute to advance the early detection and management of amblyopia. So far, we have contributed over 30 papers publications in international journals including Ophthalmology, and JAMA Ophthalmology.

“In the coming three years, we shall further our work on eye care, in particular myopia prevention, and to expand our service to children and families of ethnic minorities, children with special education need, and low-income families. We shall continue to work closely with HKJC Charities Trust, all our partner institutions and organizations, and all of you to serve our society and contribute to eye care at large.” Closing Remarks by Professor Calvin Pang.


Group Photo at the CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme Award Ceremony 2021

Opening Remarks by Professor Clement Tham 

Speech by Professor Sophia Chan.

Speech by Dr Tony Ko Pat-Sing.  

Speech by Ms Imelda Chan

Speech by Professor Alan Chan

Speech by Professor Simon Ng

Speech by Dr Hong Fung

Programme Review by Dr Jason Yam

Closing Remarks by Professor Calvin Pang

Unveiling ceremony.
Dr Wilson Yip (Left 1st), Dr Simon Ko (Left 2nd), Professor Ben Lam (Left 3rd), Professor Calvin Pang (Left 4th), Dr Thomas Chung (Left 5th), Professor Simon Ng (Left 6th), Dr Tony Ko Pat-sing (Left 7th), Professor Sophia Chan (Left 8th)
Dr Emily Yeung (Right 1st) Professor Alvin Young (Right 2nd), Dr Jason Yam (Right 3rd), Dr Jenny Lam (Right 4th), Dr Hong Fung (Right 5th), Professor Clement Tham (Right 6th), Professor Alan Chan (Right 7th), Ms Imelda Chan (Right 8th)

Group photo. Officiating Guests.

Professor Calvin Pang (Left 1st), Dr Thomas Chung (Left 2nd), Professor Simon Ng (Left 3rd), Dr Tony Ko Pat-sing (Left 4th), Professor Sophia Chan (Left 5th), Ms Imelda Chan (Left 6th), Professor Alan Chan (Left 7th), Professor Clement Tham (Left 8th), Dr Hong Fung (Left 9th), Dr Jenny Lam (Left 10th), Dr Jason Yam (Left 11th)

Group photo with Officiating Guests.

Group photo. Officiating Guests with Representatives of NGOs

Group photo. Officiating Guests with Principals and Teachers of School Partners.  

Group photo. Officiating Guests with Community Partners.

Group photo. Officiating Guests with Ambassador Doctors.  

Group photo. Officiating Guests with Programme Advisors, Counsellors, and Faculty Members.  

Sharing by Dr Kam Ka Wai on Programme Fun Day 2021.

Sharing by Ambassador Doctor Dr Gloria Lau

Sharing by Student Ambassador (Medical Student) Ms Choi Ka Lam, Karen

Sharing by Student Ambassador (Nursing Student) Ms Yeung Yan Yuet, Selina

Sharing by Madam Ho (Volunteer Service Team of The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department)

Sharing by Mr. Law Kam Shing, Principal of Pentecostal School

Photo taking with Professor Sophia Chan, Professor Clement Tham, and member of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.

Presenting Award to Leung Ting Ka’s Family

Appreciation and Presentation of Souvenirs to Professor Sophia Chan by Professor Clement Tham

Appreciation and Presentation of Souvenirs to Dr Tony Ko Pat-Sing by Professor Clement Tham and Professor Calvin Pang

Appreciation to Volunteer Service Team of The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department





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CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme Award Ceremony 2021