• on 21/05/2018

Cataract Surgeries: Demonstrations from JSIEC experts National Live Surgery Broadcast

The 11th cataract surgery training course and theJSIEC–cataract surgery distal observation training course was organized jointly on 8 – 9 December 2017. This was the first time to use distance-network interaction and WeChat live, among five venues and distal education learning centers, for ophthalmologists to join the training courses.

Young JSIEC doctors, reputedly the generation of the 80’s: Dr. Wang Geng, Dr. Huang Chukai, Dr. Ma Di and Dr. Wang Zhenmao, led by Professor Zhang Mingzhi, Vice-Director (executive), conducted live surgeries of the latest cataract refractive surgical techniques and performed demonstrations to the audiences.

It was also the first time JSIEC cooperated with ZEISS to use the latest high-tech equipment to show a comprehensive cataract refractive surgery live. This demonstration not only enhanced discussions of new ideas among the surgeons, but also allowed the public to have an in-depth understanding about ophthalmic surgeries.

In addition, a JSIEC expert team formed by Dr. Huang Chukai, Dr. Wang Geng, Dr. Ma Di, Dr. Huang Yuqiang, Dr. Wu Zhenggen, Dr. Cai Jianhao, Dr. Liu Lifang, Dr. Yang Fan, Dr. Huang Dingguo, Dr. Wang Zhenmao, Dr. Lin Guoqiao and Dr. Xia Hong conducted a standardized cataract microsurgery training, operation skills on animal eyes, 2D and 3D surgical video analyses and hands-on experience on wet-lab animal eye, which were tailored-made for trainees from all over the country.

With a systematic and standardized training to front line doctors in JSIEC, a set of unique cataract surgery training program has been established to enable doctors serving the public with high technologies, high-level surgeries and high professionalism.