Laboratory Visit and the Story Behind

Laboratory Visit and the Story Behind


In collaboration with the Hong Kong Science Museum for HK SciFest 2017 under the theme “Medicine and Health”, we co-organized the programme –  “Laboratory Visit and the Story Behind” on 25th February and 25th March, 2017, in Lee Wing Kit Advanced Ophthalmic Training and Education Centre (AOTEC) of our Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

About 100 Secondary School Year 3 to 6 students from 50 schools in Hong Kong participated in the programme. They have not only gained more knowledge about ophthalmic research, eye anatomy and common eye diseases, but also saw state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in our research laboratories and clinics. They took great interest in our laboratory demonstrations, and got to know more about the work of scientists in the field of ophthalmology and visual sciences. We are very glad that these lively and bright youngsters showed enthusiasm in science and medical research, and found the visit inspiring.

The Hong Kong Science Museum has started hosting the HK SciFest and collaborating with university institutes since 2014, aiming to provide interesting scientific activities to enhance the public awareness and interest in science and technology. For more details, please visit

update20170331-01Dr Michael Ng was showing eye anatomy to the students in the Histopathology Laboratory.


Students learnt about biosafety cabinets as demonstrated by Dr Chu Wai-Kit.


update20170331-03Students attended to demonstration of research techniques in molecular biology.


Students were intrigued on eye anatomy in the Histopathology Laboratory.


Dr Yolanda Yip was introducing our facilities in the Animal Laboratory.


The participants gained valuable experiences in the work of AOTEC with our faculty members and research team members.


The students showed their enthusiasm for ophthalmology and visual sciences and found the visit inspiring.


The lively and bright youngsters were inspired by the laboratory visit in advancements of medical sciences.


The students enjoyed a great time with our faculty members and research team members.