Hong Kong Children Eye Programme

Hong Kong Children Eye Programme (Formerly known as Hong Kong Children Eye Screening Programme)

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University Eye Centre (CUHKEC) has been conducting a two-year children eye screening programme since March 2015, to provide free eye comprehensive screening to 3000 children aged 6-8 in Hong Kong every Saturday. According to the current progress, we have already helped 2385 children with the eye screening, which is indeed a success.

A series of examinations are conducted for the participating children, including ophthalmologist consultation, visual acuity, auto refraction, cycloplegic refraction, cover/uncover test, ocular biometry intraocular pressure measurement, prism bar cover/uncover test, stereopsis, slit lamp, fundus examination, anterior segment OCT for corneal thickness, HRA OCT for macular thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. Most of the ocular diseases can be detected through the screening programme, such as refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism), strabismus, amblyopia, allergic eye diseases, and colour deficiency; as well as paediatric corneal diseases and hereditary retina diseases, which are usually hard to discover.

Aside from detecting common eye diseases through eye examinations, environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional data of the children are also collected. Most importantly, health information is provided to parents for their children’s better eye care.

We have screened 738 children from Wan Chai, 537 from Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai Districts and 474 from Sham Shui Po District. We are currently working with local organizations in Kowloon City Districts. The service will be expanded to Wong Tai Sin District in our next stage. From the Children Eye Study we have conducted so far, it is revealed that 4% of the participating children have strabismus or color deficiency respectively, 3% among the group have amblyopia, and 28% are myopic. As many eye diseases in adulthood are related to refractive errors, early diagnosis and regular check-ups would definitely help maintain the ocular health of children in future.

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